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Writer's Block: Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?

Duct tape.

Seriously, I have never been able to answer this. I suppose it's just a matter of time.

Writer's Block: Fashion faux pas

What is the strangest thing in your closet?

The bodies.
What is one way to stop or prevent bullying?

Public execution.

Writer's Block: Going the distance

Would you uproot your life and move to another city for someone that you love?

Well, in December of 2010 I did just that. I moved from California to Seattle, exactly for someone I love. I'd done it before too, landing in Honolulu at the time.

So far, Seattle's proving to be much better than Honolulu.

Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

Peace of mind; I would pay off my debts, Rhiannon's debts, and set aside a high-interest savings / money market account.

If it were enough, I'd set aside as much as I could in order to live off the interest.

And then come the tech toys.

Writer's Block: Money ain’t a thing

If money were no object, what technology big or small would you buy tomorrow?

Portal technology, courtesy of Aperture Science.

Writer's Block: Up in the Air

Do you ever call friends or use the Internet when flying or do you use airplane time as an opportunity to unwind, read, or talk to strangers? How do you usually pass the time when you’re in the air?

Though I don't fly often, I use my flight time to relax and just focus internally. If it's a particularly long flight, I tend to sleep more than anything else, as it's a rare block of time I can set aside for doing nothing.

Writer's Block: Between the slices

What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!

SubWay's Cold Cut Combo, on Italian bread with American cheese. Light on the lettuce, add tomato, cucumber, olive and pickle. Honey mustard and mayonnaise.


Think I'll get one now, in fact!
Do you have a "dream car"? If you had money to spare, would you buy a new car? If so, would you be more likely to get an eco-friendly vehicle, a vintage model, or a luxury sportscar?

1996 Dodge Viper RT, modified via the Hennessey Venom system. 850 horsepower of neck-turning (and breaking) appeal.
What is it about your favorite local small business that keeps you coming back again and again?

I have to say: Gianni for Men, the clothing shop down at the mall. The staff is always so very friendly and more than willing to help make it perfect for me.

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